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 February 3, 2021

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About my Tail Number

  N727WB is the registration number for my plane. The 727 is my birthday and it is a nice coincidence that my birthday has so many 7's in it. WB are the initials of one of the most influential aviators in my life, my grandfather, Werner Birkelbach. He was a glider pilot in WWII and took part in the D-day invasion of Normandy as well as the invasion of Holland. He really gave me a lot of encouragement when I was a kid learning to fly. He passed away in 2003 and was flying on a fairly regular basis all the way up until the cancer made that impossible. He was flying into his 80s in both his LS4 sailplane (W4) and towing in the club's Bellanca Scout.

One of my greatest dissappointments was that he never got to fly N727WB but he's with me everytime she flys now.

I miss you Papa!

 February 3, 2021