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 February 3, 2021

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Horizontal Stabilizer
  HS Forward Spar Radius
  Pay attention to edge distances
  Forward Spar Bend
  Splice Angle Note from Israel

Vertical Stabilizer
  Dimpling with the vinyl on

  Rudder Stiffeners

  Elevator Stiffener Layout
  Moving the hole

  Tank Attach Platenuts
  Mounting the wing in the jig
  Attaching the Wing Skins
  Duckworks Landing Light Kit
  Wing Wiring Conduit

Fuel Tanks
  Tank attach bracket platenuts
  U-Tube Manometer
  General Pro-seal Notes
  Tank Vent Installation
  Fitting the Tank Baffle to the Attach Brackets

  Dimpling the aileron leading edge
  Keeping the twist out.
  Priming the Pushtubes
  Push Tube Rivet Location

  Those !@#$%& Blind Rivets
  When to Install the Actuator Platenut.

  Trimming the aft end of the wingtips

  Aux Fuel Pump Dubbler Plate

Aft Section
  Shoulder Harness Anchor Screw Up
  Static Line Problem

Forward Section
  F-713 Auxilliary Longeron
  Rudder Pedal Bearing Blocks
  F-684 Gusset Plate Edge Distances.
  Floor Stiffener Ooopps
  NACA Ducts

Top Fuselage
  F-6111-L&R Top Skin Stiffeners

Fuel System
  Airflow Performance Purge Valve Plumbing

  Trimming the Wing Rear Spar
  Lower VS attach point bolt call outs.
  Rudder Stops

  Firewall Insulation

  Strobe Lights and Heat

  Prop Governor Issues.
  Mouting the Engine

FWF Misc
  Pull type hose clamp
  Cabin Heat Muff

  Micro / Epoxy and Hinges
  Hiding the Cowling Hinge Pins

Finishing Up
  Transporting a Tailwheel Fuselage
  E.I. Dual Fuel Gauge
  Aileron Bellcrank Interference

  Cutting the vinyl
  Installing #8 Nutplates
  Matco Parking Brake Valve

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 February 3, 2021