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 February 3, 2021

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E.I. Dual Fuel Gauge

I have the capacitive senders in my tanks so I bought the Electronics International Dual Fuel Gauge (FL-2CA) from Van's. Even though I have the Grand Rapids EIS 4000 that can be adapted to read these senders I decided that I wanted a separate gauge that I could see all the time.

Since the day I first powerd the gauge up it has read OPEN on each tank. Which would make sense since I had never connected it to the senders. Once I did get them all connected the OPEN indication didn't go away. I called E.I. to ask what to do and the guy that answered the phone imediately wanted to send me two new converter modules at no charge. (These are the little capacitance to frequency converters that go in the wing root). It took me a minute or two to convince him that I had wired something wrong and after talking a few minutes I realized that I had put the BNC connector on backwards.

Apparently I have an older version of the converter module that did not have a BNC connector on it from the factory. I didn't have any drawings with it so I "assumed" that it didn't matter since it was a capacitor. Well that assumption was wrong. After I swapped the wires it worked. To all those who have the older converters the black wire is the ground and the white wire is for the plates.

I was VERY impressed with my conversation with E.I. Not only did they try to send me FREE replacement parts (even though I was convinced that I had done something wrong) but they gave me all the information that I would need to troubleshoot the instrument, including the frequency ranges that the converter uses. On my next airplane project I will make it a point to find something to buy from Electronics International.

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 February 3, 2021