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 February 3, 2021

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Trimming the aft end of the wingtips

My wingtips were a little longer than the wings are wide, and after I installed them the aft edges of the tips were about 3/8" aft of the aft edge of the aileron. There seems to be plenty of fiberglass on the back of the tip so I decided to trim them off.

I used a piece of thread hung from the aft outboard edge of the wing tip to the aft edge of the aileron. This made a nice parabolic curve. Then I marked that line carfully with my sharpie pen. Remember my wings are in the craddle with the leading edge on bottom.

I didn't really trim them I used a medium Scotchbrite surface finishing pad (see Avery part number 5527) in my right angle die grinder to sand down to the line and then I put a finer Scotchbrite pad in the die grinder to finish up the curve and round the edges to match teh aileron. Then I finished it up with some 120 grit emory cloth. It'll need some more polishing to get it ready to paint but it looks pretty good.

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 February 3, 2021