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 February 3, 2021

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Transporting a Tailwheel Fuselage

I made a mistake while transporting my fuselage. On the tailwheel RV-7's there are two little rivets that hold the tailwheel weldment to the aft bulkhead while the vertical stabilizer is off the plane. There are three bolts that go through the VS, the aft bulkhead and the tailwheel weldment to hold it all together and these rivets temporarily replace those bolts. The mistake I made was going down the road with the load of my tail on those little rivets. Both of them sheared off. I didn't get any damage other than a shim that I have between the bulkhead and the weldment moved a little bit and I had to realign the holes. It could have been worse. If I had gone farther than I did or had hit a really rough spot in the road I could have bent something. The solution would have been to put a couple of bolts in those holes just to keep some of the shearing load off of the rivets.

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 February 3, 2021