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 February 3, 2021

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Priming the Pushtubes

I primed the inside of the small aileron push tubes with the spray can zinc oxide primer. It was a mess, by the time you get enough of that stuff in there where it will roll around and cover the inside it all over everthing and there is so much of it that it took forever to dry.

I decided to prime the big tubes with the two part epoxy primer that I used on the empennage. It is fairly thin and should coat evenly without all the mess. I was right it worked like a dream.

I first cut the tubes to length, deburred the ends and blew the crud out of them with some air. Then I cut a couple of fingers off of a rubber glove and taped that over one end to seal it. Then I mixed up a little etching solution and etched the inside and let it sit overnight to dry after removing the glove fingers. The next day I repeated the glove finger sealing trick and mixed up a batch of epoxy primer and swished it around inside each tube. Once I was sure that the inside was coated I lightly clamped the push tubes to the side of the work bench in the vertical position so that the excess could run out. Then I removed the glove fingers (with a cup underneath) and let the excess drain out as it cured overnight. This method worked really well.

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 February 3, 2021