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 February 3, 2021

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Pull type hose clamp

I bought a pair of those pull type hose clamps for the hose that I made for the purge line. I don't have the little tool that is used to pull those types of clamps tight and since I only had two to do I decided that I would try and wing it.

I set a crescent wrench to fit in front of the small clamp on the hose and by cutting off the excess and using a large pair of vice grips to pull against the crescent wrench I was able to pull the hose clamp pretty tight. It is hard to explain and I couldn't get a picture of it but if you only have a couple of these clamps to worry about, give it a try it'll make sense if you fiddle with it a little bit.

This is a pretty time-consuming way to pull these clamps, so if you have more than a couple you'll want to buy, borrow or rent the right tool.

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 February 3, 2021