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 February 3, 2021

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Wing Wiring Conduit

I used the nylon corrugated tubing that Van sells for my wiring conduit in the wings. It is the same stuff that they sell for blast tubing. I am really happy with the results.

I put two conduits in each wing to give me complete flexibility. I can separate the antenna wires from the power wiring this way. I still havn't decided whether or not I am going to have any antennas out there but the conduit is very lightweight and it was not that difficult to install. It is much easier to install it and not need it than to try and fish wire through the wing after it is all closed up.

The corrugated tubing is nice because it gives you a natural way to attach the tubing to the ribs. Since it is corrugated it will squeeze into a hole that is actually smaller than it's OD and the smaller part of the corrugation will 'snap' into the smaller hole and stay put. You may be able to tell what I am talking about by looking here.

I made a small template to help me locate the holes for the forward hole. I put it between the first and second lightening hole of the ribs. You can see it here. To locate the aft conduit I simply drilled out the aft tooling holes that were already there. This works for all the ribs except the most outboard one. There it will interfere with the aileron hinge. It is a simple matter of just moving the hole over a little bit.

I the holes size for the smaller ends of the conduit is 11/16" and the conduit pull fairly easy through a 13/16" to 7/8" hole. I made the rest of the holes smaller than the actual OD of the tubing so that it would stay rather snug (Don't use 11/16" here or you'll never be able to pull the conduit through)

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 February 3, 2021