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 February 3, 2021

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Pay attention to edge distances

The most inboard rivet on the HS-602 forward spar is tricky. The drawings clearly show what is going on here but I didn't really see it until it was too late. I should have left more metal on the flanges when I cut them back. In fact it might have been better to wait until I was ready to bend the spar before finishing this up so that I could tell exactly how much meat to take off. Well needless to say I cut too much and left very little edge clearance for the rivet.

Van's assured me that this was okay as there are plenty of rivets right there. The fix was basically to either put a rivet in if I got a complete hole or to do nothing if I didn't get a complete hole. This will be covered with the tail fairing later anyway.

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 February 3, 2021