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 February 3, 2021

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Those !@#$%& Blind Rivets

I almost never got that last blind rivet in the top, inboardmost hole where the flap spar, rib and actuator bracket meet. I got much better results on the second flap when I followed the instructions.

What I did wrong the first time was to rivet the spanwise holes first. These are the spar to skin rivets. This gave me very little room to bend the top skin out of the way to get my trusty rivet puller in there to get at those top rivets.

On the second one I did like the book said to do and riveted the ribs to the spar first. With the flap laying top down on a nice flat surface it is fairly easy to push down on that curved top skin and get those rivets in there. That inboard top one is still tricky because of how close it is to bracket but I used the rivet puller that I 'modified' for the fuel tank brackets and managed to get it done.

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 February 3, 2021