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 February 3, 2021

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Aileron Bellcrank Interference

I had an issue with my aileron pushtube interfering with the bellcrank in the wings. The small aileron pushtube has a rod end bearing with a jam nut on it that would rub against the flat spot of the aileron bellcrank. After a lot of head scratching I called Van's. I couldn't find anyone on the internet that had the same problem. This worried me because I thought that I had something fundamentally wrong with the way that I had rigged the ailerons. Tom at Van's sent me home to look at my bellcrank and make sure that it had the radius that was on the drawing. Well, neither my bellcrank nor my drawings had any radius. Tom then sent me a fax of the latest copy of the drawings to show me what the new bellcranks look like. I have a very early wing kit and I suspect that there were only a few made this way but I wanted to put it on the site so that those few of you that have the same problem will recognize it.

Anyway, I fixed my interference problem by grinding away at the bellcrank until it cleared. Here is an excerpt of my drawing

And here is what the latest drawing shows.

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 February 3, 2021