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 February 3, 2021

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Trimming the Wing Rear Spar

Just before we installed the wings to the fuselage for the first time I noticed that the plans called for the rear spar to be trimmed. It didn't make any sense at first because the inboard end of the rear spar of the RV-7 is not just cutt off it has a taper and an small offset cut into it from the factory. It didn't make sense that Van would cut this shape into the rear spar and then ask us to trim a bunch of it off.

So after a little head scratching we decided to test fit the wing without trimming to see if we really needed to take it off. Yep sure enough the rear spar is too long. It still didn't make sense so I trimmed a little off and we tried it again. After doing this a couple of times it seemed that the drawings were right after all and the trimming had to be done. We still could not figure out why it was not done at the factory, until Steve went home to retrieve a better file than what I had, and he brought his RV-8 preview plans back with him. Sure enough the RV-8 fuselage tapers back faster and needs the extra material. So this is an an RV-8 part that the RV-7 builders have to trim. Now it makes sense. I thought that I would pass it along.

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 February 3, 2021