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 February 3, 2021

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F-684 Gusset Plate Edge Distances.

I had to reorder the F-684 gusset plates because I didn't install them far enough forward to allow for the 1/4" edge distance required of the 1/8" rivets that would be installed there.

Take a look at the Picture.

As you can see I had not drilled the vertical line of holes that attach the gusset to the firewall stiffener. This is because I still have the skin on and these holes do not go through the skin they only go through the gusset and the stiffener.

When I removed the skin to drill these holes and to help me align the rudder pedal assembly I noticed that the edge distance was going to be close, so I measured it. It is very borderline. I could probably get away with leaving them but this seems to be a very critical joint. The joint joins the longeron that takes the moment load of the engine and transfers it to the center section. I don't want the edge distances here to be borderline. 1/4" is required, I'm going to shoot for 5/16".

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 February 3, 2021