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 February 3, 2021

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There was a recent discussion on the internet about how bad the plans are that come with the baffle kit. I personally didn't think that they were all that bad but I think that it has to do more with being able to visualize how they are supposed to look when finished as opposed to the quality of the plans.

So I decided to take a bunch of pictures of my baffles and hang them out in the hopes that it will help someone. I know that I had not sealed all the little gaps with RTV yet when these pictures were taken but rest assured that I didn't fly it like that.

Baffle 1 Baffle 2 Baffle 3
Baffle 4 Baffle 5 Baffle 6
Baffle 7 Baffle 8 Baffle 9
Baffle 10 Baffle 11 Baffle 12
Baffle 13 Baffle 14 Baffle 15
Baffle 16 Baffle 17 Baffle 18
Baffle 19 Baffle 20 Baffle 21
Baffle 22 Baffle 23 Baffle 24
 February 3, 2021