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 February 3, 2021

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Primary Rules of Flight

  • Whether you are hurting, bleeding, puking or just plain terrified always FLY THE AIRPLANE FIRST!
  • Takeoffs are optional, landings are mandatory!
  • The propensity for weather to deteriorate is directly proportional to the desire of the aircraft occupants to reach their destination quickly.
  • Thou shalt be weary of thine airspeed lest the ground rise up and smite thee.
  • If an aircraft does not contain sufficient fuel to reach the destination there will be at least ONE fuel stop.
  • The four most useless commodities that a pilot has are the runway behind, the altitude above, the fuel in the truck and one second ago.
  • Landings always involve a collision with the ground.
  • A good landing is one where all the participants walk away. A great landing is one in which the aircraft can be used again.
  • 100 go-arounds are far better than one bad landing.
  • If the brown stuff is on top and the blue stuff is on bottom then you are inverted. This state can be determined in IMC by detecting whether your tears are running into your hair.
  • Never let the airplane go anywhere that your brain didn't go five minutes earlier.
  • The laws of Aerodynamics are very unforgiving and the ground is hard.(Michael Collins)

  • Primary Rules of Sailplane Flight

  • You can turn altitude into airspeed and you can turn airspeed into altitude when you run out of both you are screwed.
  • There are no go-arounds.
  • Whatever happens to that tow-plane is going to happen to you in about 200 feet.
  • Taking off with spoilers deployed is only recommended when you are being towed by a P-51
  • High speed passes should be done at high speeds.
  • Prolonged flight over large bodies of water is not recommended.
  • The VSI and the Variometer are not the same thing.
  • When landing in a freshly planted cotton field it is advisable to land with the grain as opposed to against it.
  • If you see large oak trees in West Texas you are not hallucinating you are just way too close to somebodys cotton crop.
  • If a 2-33 is quiet you are flying way to slow.
  • If an LS-4 is noisy you are flying way to fast.
  •  February 3, 2021