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 February 3, 2021

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August, 2002

August 5, 2002 - 2.5 hours
Finished riveting the tail section. Riveted the center section plate to the left side skin, and clecoed both side skins to the frame. Clecoed the floor skin and floor stiffeners to the frame and checked whether the whole thing was straight.

I used a level to check that the center section bulkhead is level.

I dropped this plumb through the bottom tooling hole of the F-711 bulkhead and made sure that it falls in line with the top tooling hole to check how straight the fuse is before riveting.

August 6, 2002 - 2.3 hours
Henry came over and helped me pound a few rivets in the side skins.

August 17, 2002 - 2.1 hours
More riveting of the fuselage. Shannon helped me and we got most of the rivets done forward of the F-704

August 18, 2002 - 6.6 hours
Finished riveting the lower fuselage together, and turned the 'canoe' over. Also installed the false wing spars and built a little castoring stand for it. I temporarily put the seat skins in and sat in my airplane for the first time and made airplane noises.

Now the thing really looks like a boat.

This is just a shot of the inside of the cabin.

I cut slots in my false spar to allow me to level the fuse side to side. I also decided that the castors were a bad idea and took them off.

August 19, 2002 - 2.3 hours
Finished up the last rivets of the bottom of the fuselage. I left the angles off of the F-710 and F-711 bulkheads where the aft deck attach because I thought that I could make them fit better if I waited until the longerons were on. I will be able to make them fit better but I need a better right angle drill to get in there. I made those two angle pieces. Also leveled the fuselage.

August 20, 2002 - 2 hours
Had to re-level the plane since my little 2x4 clamped to the tail idea won't work because I need to install the aft deck back there. :-( Anyway I just used the false spar stand to level the plane with nothing more than a sawhorse on the back. I also went ahead and riveted the aft side skins to the longerons up to where the top skins will go. Trimmed the F-757 gussets and dug out the seat belt anchors and other gussets from storage.

This is how the aft canopy side rail and the F-757 gusset go together

August 21, 2002 - 1.75 hours
Drilled the little angles to the F-710 and F-711 bulkheads. Fabricated the spacer and the forward elevator stop that goes under the aft deck and got the aft deck clamped onto the fuse.

The aft deck clamped into place.

August 24, 2002 - 1 hours
Drilled the aft deck to the longerons and bulkheads

The aft deck drilled to the fuse.

August 25, 2002 - 8 hours
Drilled the shoulder harness anchors to the longerons. Drilled the forward firewall gussets to the firewall and longerons. Installed the corrugated nylon tubing in the fusealge as a wire run. Installed the rudder cables and drilled the little Avery rudder cable fairings to the side skin. Finished up the bellcrank support rib and fabricated the little tubing spacers for bellcrank. Finished the stringers for the top fuselage. Started fitting the top skins and drilled the little gussets to the F-706 and F-707 bulkheads.

The shoulder harness anchors.

The forward fuselage to firewall gusset.

Corrugated Nylon tubing run through the fuselage for running wires to the tail.

August 31, 2002 - 2 hours
Drilled the top skins to the Fuselage.

Top fuselage skins drilled to the fuselage bulkheads.

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