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 February 3, 2021

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May, 2005

May 22, 2005 - 4.5 hours
Vern came over and we worked on the fairing for the windsheild. He spent a bunch of time sanding on the fiberglass and then we mixed up a big ol' batch of epoxy / microballons and smeared it all over the thing.

Vern does a much better job of smearing the microballons that I do.

May 22, 2005 - 0.5 hours
I managed to get the fiberglass tips riveted to the rudder.

The top rudder tip looks pretty good.

The bottom tip of the rudder is installed too.

May 28, 2005 - 1 hours
Sprayed some surfacing primer on both halves of the cowling.

The bottom cowling with a coat of surfacing primer on it.

May 30, 2005 - 0.75 hours
Sanded on the cowling.

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 February 3, 2021