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 February 3, 2021

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November, 2001

November 1, 2001 - 2 hours
Drilled baffle to the attach brackets, drilled the skin to the ribs and the baffle.

November 2, 2001 - 1.5 hours
Prepared the capacitive fuel sender plates and drilled them to the proper ribs.

November 3, 2001 - 3 hours
Fabricated the tank attach angle (difficult with the bandsaw out of commission) Drilled the attach angle and doubler plates to the ribs. Drilled the fuel filler and drain to the skin.

November 4, 2001 - 3 hours
Cut the big hole in the inboard rib, fit and drilled the tank access reinforcement plate. Prepared the tank access plate for the fuel pickup and fabricated the anti-rotation bracket and drilled it to the tank attach plate.

November 5, 2001 - 2 hours
Fabricated the fuel pickup tube. Also made the little cover to fit over the tooling hole in the outboard rib. Started deburring and dimpling all the parts of the right tank.

Fuel pickup tube for the right fuel tank. (OOpps it is shown inside out in this picture. But don't worry nothing is tight.)

November 6, 2001 - 1.75 hours
Deburring and dimpling right fuel tank parts.

November 10, 2001 - 3 hours
Finished dimpling and deburring all of the right tank parts. Now I am ready for the Pro-seal.

November 11, 2001 - 7 hours
Sealed and back riveted all the right tank stiffeners, fuel tank filler, drain flange and six of the seven ribs. It goes faster the second time and it helps that it wasn't so hot this time so the Pro Seal cures slower.

November 13, 2001 - 1.5 hours
Installed the capacative senders in the right tank. Also cut and flared the the vent line. These things are much easier with the inboard rib off.

November 17, 2001 - 3 hours
Finished the capacative fuel sender installation, installed the inboard rib with the reinforcing ring and installed both of the reinforcement plates and the attach angle to the leading edges.

November 18, 2001 - 3.5 hours
Installed the baffle in the right tank. TANKS ARE FINISHED!!!! Now if it will just not leak then I can be done with Pro-seal.

November 19, 2001 - 2 hours
Cleaned up a little bit and worked on the leading edge parts.

November 20, 2001 - 2.5 hours
Removed the top skins from the skeleton and deburred both of them as well as the leading edge skin. Riveted the platenuts to the tank attach plate.

November 21, 2001 - 2.5 hours
Dimpled the leading edge skin and both top skins, and got everything ready to prime.

November 23, 2001 - 9 hours
Primed all the right wing skins, deburred the main ribs, riveted the leading edge together and almost finished installing the Duck Works landing/taxi light into the leading edge.

November 24, 2001 - 6 hours
Finished the Duck Works light installation and countersunk all the little holes in the spar where the skin dimples sit. Also rivted the leading edge skin to the spar.

November 25, 2001 - 0.75 hours
Pressure tested the right fuel tank, and cleaned up the shop a bit.

November 25, 2001 - 6 hours
Started the ailerons by knocking off the edges of all the ribs and stiffeners. Got the old door out and drilled all the stiffeners to the skins and started deburring the stiffeners.

Here's a shot of the aileron stiffeners drilled and clecoed to one side of one of the ailerons.

November 26, 2001 - 2 hours
Finished deburring and dimpling the aileron stiffeners. Started getting all the aileron parts ready to prime.

November 27, 2001 - 1.5 hours
Got the rest of the aileron parts deburred, dimpled and ready to prime.

November 29, 2001 - 1.75 hours
Finished installing the leading edge to the right wing by riveting the ribs to the spar (it took until tonight because I waited for John to give me a hand). Installed the fuel tank on the wing as well.

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